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What makes us #1?

New product feed & campaigns optimisations
not available in Google Adwords

Sell your products on
multiple shopping channels

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Match your products to converting keywords

Better match your products to high converting keywords

Take full control of how your products show and focus your ad spend on your profitable keywords and products. Powerful real-time, game-changing optimisations not available anywhere else to get you listed more effeciently, improve targeting and stay ahead of the competition. At ShoppingIQ, we have developed new targeting features to improve keyword search to product matching through advanced product feed management techniques and additional optimisations not available in platforms like Google Merchaent Center and Google AdWords.

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What makes us #1?

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What makes us #1?

We are Google Partners

We are google partners. Yet we understand the issues and limitations of Google Merchant Center, Google Adwords and other shopping technologies. We solve these issues allowing start ups and global advertisers to instantly save money and improve results.

#1 Shopping Feed & Ad Platform

We have developed proprietary technology number to solve the various issues that come with popular products feeds from Google and Facebook. Our platform is totally designed for retail and we offer solutions, features and optimisations available no where else.

What is your objective?

Connect & setup
your first campaign

Setup your product

Improve your
product feed

Improve campaign

Free 1 hour demo and consultation. Learn more about the power of ShoppingIQ.

Connect your products
to multiple shopping

The first step is to connect your website products to ShoppingIQ through our free setup and custom integration. We will setup and better optimnsie your product so you can start selling on popular channels like Google Shopping, Facebook, Insagram, Snapchat and more. Legacy feed technologies like Google Sheets, Intelligent Reach and Products Up waste budget and reduced performance

  • Automated live updates
  • Powerful features not available in Google Merchant Center
  • Improve product targeting
  • Test product images
  • Push priority, promotional and high profit margin products
  • Sophisticated proprietary optimisations
  • Bespoke rules and customisation
  • Avoid product dissaprovals

Setup advanced
in minutes

Granular campaigns build more insightful data and give you greater control on how your budget is spent. Build and test new campaigns fast with our technology.

Why not? 20% OFF Your Google Shopping Spend Permanently!

As Google partners, we provide premium support to our client in order to help brands scale efficiently. Due to our partnership status, level of support and purchasing power, Google provide us with a 20% CPC discount which we pass onto you. As a client of ShoppingIQ, you autoamtically gain this competitive advantage without any changes to your account or existing campaigns.

Advanced optimisations
NOT available in
Google Adwords

Take control of product visibility with retail led optimisations not available in Google Adwords.

High profit margin
On promotion
Low stock
Cheaper than competitors



Say goodbye to legacy feeds that WASTE money


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